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thousands gather to pay their respects to kenyon youngstrom >> it's really sad that society has gone this far with people. >> a major pest problem on bart. we'll hell you with the infestation -- we'll tell you where the infestation is worst. thousands of people, friends, family, fellow officers, even strangers were paying their last respects to
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officer kenyon youngstrom in vaccaville today. ♪ [ aville today. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the freedoms that we all enjoyed as americans come with a cost. sometimes that cost is high. and sometimes it's devastating. >> my name is tyler carlton, and i had the privilege of working with ken on a daily basis, and to be his beat partner on the morning of september 4th, and with him on his last stop. ken, i know you can hear me. [ crying ] >> i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again,
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brother. [ crying ] >> he was hilarious, and he really taught me a lot about being a man. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> fellow officers from around the state and the country attended youngstrom's funeral today, united as one family in his honor. >> 700 miles. >> 7 hundred 00 miles? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: to be here in vacaville, california, to pay respect to fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrom. >> we all do the same thing. we work for different agency, but our goals are the wam. protect one another -- the same. protect one another, protect the public, and go home safe. >> reporter: some came from as
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far away as sparz idaho >> it's nice to know that we have their backing. it means everything to us. >> reporter: none appreciating the show of support for one of their own more than bay area chp officers >> whether you know him in a chr relationship, or someone passing down the hallway, everyone is very affected by this. >> and it was an emotional day throughout vacaville. many people stood on the sidewalk to watch as the officer's casket passed by, many of them amazed at how the law enforcement
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community came together to rsd something like this. >> it's really sad that, are you know, society has gone this far with people. >> it's almost like a band of brothers. obviously it's just such loyalty to the -- i guess the brotherhood of being a policeman. >> it's just amazing, the respect they show for a fallen comrade. it's just unbelievable. believe it or not, pigeons at bart stations have turned into a million dollar problem! a budget surplus is leading bart to clean up rat and bird feces. >> reporter: bird poop! it's all over the place. >> they find places to roost and hang out. >> reporter: the train still comes and goes as it always has. riders jumping on and off, headed to their next stop. what will soon change is what the station looks like. >> we have rats in our system, naturally.
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>> reporter: spokesman jim allison says the rats are leaving feces around stations. contracts with -- an exterminator. rats are a problem, but nothing compared to pigeons. they leave droppings on the tracks, railings, and all over roadways. >> the infrastructure is set up in a pigeon-friendly way. >> close up some of the places, like the roosting, and we've tried netting, but we found it doesn't work very well. we're putting up metal. >> reporter: over the year, spikes have been placed in areas pigeons are known to pifrp. that -- perch. but more can and will be done. spending the million dollars now will dave
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money repairing infrastructure down the road. >> it was a rather pleasant day around the bay area today with the exception of our inland valleys where it was a little warm, especially in places like fairfield, and livermore. 96 degrees in both. 89 in concord, 90 in pleasanton. 86 in santa rosa, 80s in the south bay as well. closer to the coastline, it was only 64 in san francisco and 59 in half moon bay. fog will be moving into our bay shores, south of the golden gate tomorrow morning. temperatures mainly in the 70s and 80s with hot conditions inland. but changes coming through the weekend. visa has been in san francisco for more than 4 decades. now, it is moving its largest office out of the
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city. gap inc. has decided to look for extra office space outside san francisco as well. reggie kumar tells us why. >> reporter: as of october 1st, visa's san francisco office in this building on market street will close its doors for good. the 100 employees who work in the office will join the more than 3,000 workers at the credit card company's headquarters in foster city. visa says the move is part of its consolidation efforts, and over the past two year, it has been renovating its foster city office to make room for the additional employees. san francisco's director of economic development would not discuss negotiations edly -- ed lee had with the company >> there's an impact on the
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tax, but there's companies and growth that we're seeing in san francisco. we're also seeing incredible real estate growth in sfrarn -- in san francisco. >> reporter: gap is looking to expand most likely in pleasanton instead of in the city. it released this statement. "we are committed to our presence in the city of san francisco and are exploring additional space within the bay area for gap inc." the company would not say why it decided to look outside san francisco. a fire rips through a small bay area school. investigators are trying to figure out what happened as school officials try to figure out a temporary place to teach the children. >> later in this broadcast, the a's in anaheim today closing out a four-game series, looking ahead to the weekend, the 49ers
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in detroit. and poor cal has to go to ohio state.
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the san francisco ethics commission today rejected a request by suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi to postpone sending his case to the board of supervisors. he wanted the commission to wait until after the november election. mirkarimi argued that the board's vote to whether or not to permanently remove him from office should not take place while the supervisors are running for reelection. the committee found he committed official misconduct in connection with an incident in which he grabbed and bruised his wife's arm. once the commission submits the case to the supervisors, the board has 30 days to vote on whether to reinstate or remove him. new tonight at 11:00, apshares closed -- apple shares closed at an all-time high today. shares were up 2% for the day, closing at just under $683 a share. this year, apple
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shares have gone up more than 66%. >> you can preorder the iphone 5 starting tonight at midnight.
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there were 85 homicides last year in oakland. there have been already been 103 homicides so far this year. city leaders unveiled a new strategy to combat the rise in gang violence tonight. dozens came out to learn about this new plan. if features a collaboration between the city and faith-based organizations. the plan is modeled after a plan in boston which officials say reduced crime there by 70%. step 1 begins with a night walk starting tomorrow where ministers and other residents will reach out. police caught an armed burglary suspect after a seven hour standoff. police believe he was hiding inside a home. a s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators responded. streets were blocked off, residents in
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the immediate area, evacuated. police entered the home and found it empty. an overnight fire ripped through a building in menloe park, flames erupting just after 4:00 am at beachwood elementary. cleanup is underway. crews and staff members poked through the rubble to salvage what they could. >> the 3rd grade classroom is -- that's a big loss. we've got 18 kids coming to school monday morning, and we need to find a place for them and replace all their stuff. >> the cause is unknown. diagram is estimated at -- damage is estimated at a quarter million dollars. alameda police are looking for a man who has been stealing cellphones at gun point. the
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latest attack happened on physical at the south shore center. a -- tuesday at the south shore center. a man pointed the weapon at two 14-year-old girls and demanded their phones. police believe the same suspect on behind two other robberies. san francisco officials say a judge has upheld a law set to go into effect next month alcohol extend the city's ban on the use of pc ba or noncompostable plastic bags they provide to customers. it will prevent pharmacies from providing the single-use plastic bag. it extends to restaurants in october of 2013. it may be hard to swallow, but it is official. the
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so-called cola crackdown in new york city, which bans big sugary soft drink, is all set. new york's board of health passed a measure that prevents food service establishments from selling the sugar-heavy drinks. the ban has tos share of opponent -- has its share of opponents. they say it's not sugar they drav but the choice to con -- craves but the choice to consume it. it was hot in our inland valleys. and we're going to see similar conditions tomorrow. we are seeing low clouds already hovering overhead, and they're pushing into the bays we speak. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to fog then sunshine in the afternoon. the fog won't make it all the way inland though. that's why temperatures are going to remain in the 90s tomorrow and saturday. into sunday, we are going to start to see some changes starting to
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cool down a little, and that trend will continue into early next week. fog tracker into tomorrow morning, not showing fog along the coast lineup, but it will be there. it's also going to be there along san francisco and oakland. by 10:00, sunny skies. i think that will be the case everywhere except for at the coastline. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, down in the south bay, temperatures mainly in the 80s. 80 in san jose, 90 in morgan hill. our inland valleys will be in the upper 80s, low 90s again tomorrow. 92 in
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livermore. east bay shores running mainly in the 70s. 60s in alameda and richmond. clouteds expected linger here throughout the afternoon. 64 in san francisco, and in the north bay, temperatures in the 80s for the most part. your extended forecast, warmer conditions away from the cost line the next couple of days. we'll start cooling down sunday and through next week. once again kron4 gives you the best seat anywhere to watch one more exciting event of year! it's kron4's blue angels live, part of san francisco's sweet week activity. kron4's blew angels live, saturday october 6th. at 3:00 pm. >> aaron rogers and the packers battle the bears on thursday. the highlights on that ahead. and the angels finally cool off. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad,
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good evening, everybody. tough to expect the a's to sweep 4 from the angels. and minings so ai guess he's -- mike sosa, i guess he's putting on sun tan lotion. he's ready to roll. jared weaver, he was very good. 7 innings. ses cespedes left the game. brett anderson, good since he came off the dl. tory i hunter homered in the 7th.
11:25 pm
you're hearing some names on this pitching staff, where'd he come from? 6-0 angels. a's, still a game and a half up on the yankees for a wildcard spot. and baltimore is coming to town fighting for a postseason berth as well. the green packers, maybe they aren't so bad after all. the 49ers beat aaron roger, and all of a sudden, oh, the pack they got a lousy defense! no, here comes the defense with clay matthews. and -- huh? aaron rogers. all the boys on the national scene! there's a fake steal call. packers win 23-10. now i have to
11:26 pm
explain to mike. everybody was saying that he was playing the best quarterback of anybody in history. so you've got a little bit after you lose the first game. what? brady's better? look at what peyton manning did, joe montana. you happy with that, mike? >> no. >> no, mike 's still mad. and i appreciate him for caring at 11:25. [ laughter ] >> that's what i want. i want ugly e-mail s. >> are you still upset? [ laughter ] >> mike just robbed a bank. in a good way ! [ laughter ] okay. the raiders starting snapper, he had such a bad game. look at matthew stafford, detroit lion, at candlestick park on sunday. this should be a great, great game on national tv. johnson's been hobbling with a bad foot. he did practice today.
11:27 pm
>> aaron rogers was an america vp last year, and we're going to play stafford. >> yeah, he's one of the great receiver, still playing with us today. and like i said, we got to rally, talk it up, and try to come together out there just for the record, roll up the raiders here. i just want to show you that their long snapper, this poor john condo, they thought he might be ready to go sunday. still has not recovered from the conference. they got a rookie that may suit up. tommy kelly when was really gaffed at the end of the monday night game sense the chargers said he's feeling better and will be ready to go on sunday morning in miami. first time in 40 years, cal plays ohio state! the bears, hey, they beat southern utah 50-31. but they're going to
11:28 pm
play ohio state.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area
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